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LineClenze Beer Line Cleaning.

How does it work?

A wire antenna is wrapped around the outside 20 cm of the beer line. The other end of the wire is attached to the small plastic LineClenze Device. This device is attached to the wall. This piece of kit is plugged into an electrical socket. It generates an oscillating electrical impulse, which agitates the yeast that gather in the beer lines. This reduces the build up dramatically, allowing a longer time between beer line cleaning sessions, with a minimum of 28 days. Up to 12 beer lines can be attached to a device. Check our our informative videos.
LineClenze Device

LineClenze Device

A simple yet very effective system.   LineClenze keeps beer lines cleaner for longer, therefore saving time and money.
LineClenze Powder

LineClenze Powder

Lineclenze kills 99.9999% of two of the main causes of beer spoilage, Lactobacillus brevis and Saccharomyces cervisiae.
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LineClenze Testimonials

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LineClenze Beer Line Cleaning.

Installation instructions.

Our device is incredibly easy to fit.  All is revealed in the video here, but if you have any questions, just drop us an email.  We are here to help!

The Beer Line Cleaning Device is a simple yet very effective system.   LineClenze keeps beer lines cleaner for longer, therefore saving time and money. We also supply a beer line cleaning powder.  To find out more about our system and powder, contact us. Alternatively download our free information pack here.

LineClenze Device

LineClenze Benefits

The extended time between cleaning the beer lines saves time and money by:

Saving on ullage, up to 75%

Saving water

Saving time/labour

Saving cleaning materials

Extending the working life of the beer line

And, the quality of the beer is maintained

Environmentally Friendly.

Number of beer lines

Days between cleaning


Saving on ullage


LineClenze saves you money and time.

How much does it save you?

Study the facts and figures here, or use the savings calculator (to the right) to discover just how much your business could save every year with LineClenze. LineClenze savings

The LineClenze Device is environmentally friendly.  It is non-invasive with no interference with existing cellar equipment. The savings / profitability is immediate.

An Example.

If there are 10 product lines, with a 3 pint pull each, 30 pints are lost with each clean, every week. If a pint is approx £3.50, that is £105 a week lost.

By increasing the time between cleaning, that saves £105 a week, so 3 weeks saves £315.00, then clean on the 4th week.

Annually this is a saving of £4095.

For a chain of 6 inns, that would represent an annual saving of £24,570.

Savings Calculator

LineClenze savings calculator


LineClenze beer line cleaning powder

All things beer related…

Bar Etiquette: Would you speak up to served?

Imagine the scene. It’s late evening, you, and several others are jostling shoulder to shoulder at the busy bar. You know that the staff member is overworked and struggling to keep track of which person is next. The man next to you shouts and points to himself (even though you know for sure he’s only just arrived) …do you speak up? Or do you quietly shrink back into the scrum and wait for your turn to be served? We’ve all been there at one time or another and it’s never a fun situation. YouGov recently published their findings on the matter of British pub etiquette and the results are quite interesting. The data reveals that when faced with a barperson who’s not kept track of whose next in line, Brits are keen to ensure fairness for others in the queue but noticeably less so for themselves. In fact, if a person found themselves inadvertently jumping the queue (because the barperson had assumed they were next and asked them what they want), an overwhelming 91% responded by saying they would speak up and answer that someone else was next. However, should the situation be reversed (with a barperson asking to serve someone who had been there for less time than them) only 44% of Brits said they would speak up while just over half (51%) would keep quiet and wait for the staff to get around to them. Reportedly, the divide is down to age with younger Brits being less likely to speak up for themselves than their elders. While just 11% of 18-24 year olds would tell the bar... read more

Bored while shopping? Morrisons has your back!

We all know what it’s like. You’re slowly trudging round the store, bleary eyed from a long day at work and you wonder why you must carry out another one of life’s chores. The weekly shop. But, worry no longer! Morrisons, one of the UK’s leading retailers has opened a bar in one of its supermarkets! You read that right. You can now buy a pint while doing your weekly shop at the branch in Guiseley near Leeds. According to the Yorkshire Evening Post, the bar, which is located at the café will be known as Barista.  At the time of writing, there is a selection of beverages including a local ale as well as wine, bottled cider and lager. Leeds City Council has given Morrisons a modified off-license that allows it to sell alcohol from 6am – 12am. So, maybe not enjoying a pint after a long day at work but still! If the scheme goes well and is received positively, we could all soon be enjoying a nice pint while trying to remember what was on our shopping list! Do you live near this branch? What are your thoughts on this new idea when it comes to the shopping experience? We’d love to hear from you! You can reach us either through our social media (@lineclenzeinfo) OR by using the contact information at the top of this... read more

Wisconsin man gets locked in beer fridge, decides to start drinking

Yes, you read that right. We were going to go with a slightly more informative article this week but come on now, this sounds so ridiculous we had to double check to make sure it’s true! Plus, it’s Friday, so let’s have some fun! Indeed, a 38-year-old man from Wisconsin, US, found himself locked in the beer fridge of the Kwik Trip convenience store. When questioned by police, the man said: “he just wanted beer.” Apparently, this didn’t fly too well as he was later charged with retail theft. The man was let out of the fridge at 6am the following morning by another customer, after which he just walked straight out of the shop. According to USA Network, Wisconsin, the man told police he decided he might as well stay inside the cooler and drink the beer. The cooler reportedly had a glass door and, had the man knocked, employees would have been alerted to his presence and he would have been easily released. Instead, however, he allegedly drank an 18-ounce bottle of beer and three cans of malt beverage as well as knocking over a stack of 30-can beer packs and breaking three of the cases open. The man has also found himself met with various praise and/or comments from social media, with some Twitter users remarking that Kwik Trip should offer him a gift card, as well as install beds and potato chip dispensers in their coolers. So, have any of you ever found yourself locked in a fridge? What do you think you would do in a similar scenario? Scream for help? Or settle down... read more

Scientific study reveals alcohol can improve foreign language skills

The study found that low doses of alcohol may help with foreign language pronunciation as discovered by testing on participants. It’s important to bear in mind that only low doses of alcohol were used…getting absolutely smashed will probably not help you in your journey to understand other languages! The study looked at 50 native German speakers who were studying at the University of Maastricht and recently picked up the local language. (The university is situated in The Netherlands.) The test participants were given either an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage and asked to hold a conversation in their non-native language. Researchers found that those who were slightly intoxicated due to the alcohol did in fact have better skills at pronunciation than their sober colleagues! While alcohol traditionally impairs a person’s ability to speak coherently and pay attention (especially at higher volumes) , it also increases a person’s self-confidence and as such could be expected to improve language pronunciation when a conversation is being held between a group of people. Dr Jessica Werthmann who was one of the researchers who conducted the study at the University said, “We need to be cautious about the implications of these results until we know more about what causes the observed results. One possible mechanism could be the anxiety-reducing effect of the alcohol. But more research is needed to test this.” So! There you have it, what do you think? Although the research is in its early stages, maybe in a few years having a drink or two will be the verified way to help you learn and pronounce new languages! As usual, we’d love... read more

New device to reduce pint wastage!

Being advocates for helping to reduce waste in the industry ourselves, we thought it necessary to cover this one. A Bristol based inventor has created a device that aims to reduce the number of wasted pints in the UK. AleTrim, is simple in premise but the potential savings are huge to say the least. The device can be attached to a beer tap to control the amount of frothing and estimates to reduce an approximate of nine million pints of beer in the UK alone each year. On their website (link at the bottom of the page) perspective clients can see the additional amount of profit that they would attain through use of the device. Similarly, to our own savings calculator this is done by inputting the average price of a pint, the number of taps and the amount of drip trays poured away each day. On their website AleTrim states, “You should retain at least 80% of the pouring waste, which is an extra monthly income of £150 (if serving 300 pints a week at 3% wastage). That translates to £1,800 per year. For more information on this interesting device, be sure to visit their website ( Have you tried AleTrim? What are your thoughts on the device, either from personal use or as a premise? Be sure to get in touch with us here at LineClenze, either via the contact details at the top of this page or on our social media... read more

UK Inflation set to increase beer prices!

Anheuser-Busch, the world’s biggest brewer (Budweiser/Corona/Stella Artois) has indicated lately that due to a sharp increase in inflation, the price of beer could also increase drastically as a knock-on effect. The brewer has publicised that it has been facing increased cost in the UK that ultimately would eventually fall on to consumers as a residual effect of higher costs. The rise which could be in effect within the next two years currently has no definite information with regards to just how much the increase would be but still, a worrying effect for the UK beer industry no doubt. While the national average for a pint of lager in the UK is currently at £3.58, research has found that some of the more expensive London areas who are currently paying an average of £4.20 could be stung the worst by the proposed increase. Inflation has soared by 2% since late 2016, with the Consumer Prices Index measure of inflation rising from 0.6% to 2.6% in July 2017 according to the Office for National... read more