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Benefits that save

A safe bet

Tried and Tested
EcoZenze System28 might be new but it has been tried and tested for several years to provide us with the evidence we need to encourage more businesses to try it. And to add to that we are gathering evidence for other uses too such as from wineries.

Saves money and time

Save money and time
Extending cleaning cycles to 28 days from 7 has very easy to see money and time-saving aspects, simply put it saves 75% of wasted beer, utilities and time. And in wineries we found that cleaning with EcoZenze Veritas removed two whole processes saving loads time and time is money, as they say.

Save water,
waste and help
save the planet

Environmentally Cleaner
We can’t save the planet on our own, but we can help. As our fusion technology powders are pH neutral (7) and leave behind only water and oxygen after use they remove the need for pouring high alkali caustic down the drains or the need to clean up that waste. The cleaning water may even be able to be used for irrigation. There’ll be more on that to follow

Safer for staff,
customers and

Safer for Staff & Equipment
Once again a pH neutral (7) cleaning solution is much safer if it comes into contact with skin and produces no nasty fumes. There is no danger if it’s consumed and it doesn’t degrade any of the equipment. (insert testimonial) “Line test last night... started on the kettle... a gallon or two of caustic, it sprays around, it’s dangerous, it doesn’t really do the trick... 3% worked wonders, pulled off all the organic material, no elbow grease... half the amount of chemicals... cut time, money and make it safer... I loved it, it was great”.

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