About LineClenze

About LineClenze

When a child asks questions about where all the stuff goes that is sprayed into the air, you know you have someone who thinks deeply about their surroundings (especially as this happened in 1970’s before it was fashionable).

This naïve instinct is how founding director Amanda Daniels was…and she still is. Evangelically green. Fast-forward through turning veggie as a teenager and holding up placards about saving the planet, Amanda saw that to have significant impact, she’d need to do more. She encouraged husband Eugene to promote the EcoZenze device designed to enhance the effect of a good beer line clean and extend the time required between cleans which would reduce water consumption, reduce the amount of caustic soda/high-alkaline waste going down the drain and as a fantastic side-affect it would save the landlord money too.

Fortune favours the bold

About System28

Always aiming to further advance the environmental aspects of the business, it was a chance meeting where Amanda and Eugene met the friend of a chemist. The conversation went to who does what for work and naturally lead to beer line cleaning. The friend spotted a connection and introduced them to our chief chemist (we think he’s magic so how about alchemist?). 

caustic out-performing, money-saving, pH7 beer line cleaning powder

    The chemist team developed our better than the rest, caustic soda out-performing, money-saving, pH neutral - in solution - non-corrosive,  biodegradable, beer line cleaning powder using only recognised environmentally friendly materials, revolutionary fusion technology and a lot of experience and ingenuity and System28 was born.

Amazing test results but…lockdown

We were getting some fantastic test results shortly before lockdown and had really mastered the system. We were certain we had a winning product and during the quiet lockdown period we were able to prepare the business for where we thought we'd be going.

We've strengthened our management team – you can “meet” them below. We've teamed up with US colleagues, which was a new geographical market for us. And we've developed a new product called EcoZenze Protect. Protect is designed to look after beer lines that are to be left unused for periods from 24 hours to 180 days.

All this in the first lockdown.

Over the extended pandemic period we’ve also entered new market sectors such as wineries where we have seen some fantastic proof of concept results working with our US colleagues and some California wineries. This lead us to develop non-caustic, EcoZenze Veritas and we are working on other areas such as soft drinks and dairy.

Our US colleagues have been cleaning up with craft brewers and pub chains. 

In the brewing world it's key to ensure cleanliness standards are met. In the ATP tests* conducted we achieved measures of RLU 1 and 4 - without sanitising. 

But it's not all about ATP tests that demonstrate effective cleaning, it's also about ease and safety in use (improved with a non-corrosive), reduced water usage and unpleasant waste and the fact that the beer tastes better. We're really pleased with these and have some supporting videos from brew masters (which is why we mentioned these specifically, of course) scroll down to see them.

*Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is the universal energy found in all animal, plant, bacteria, yeast and mould cells the residues of which can harbour and grow bacteria. This is the stuff that a cleaner needs to eliminate to acceptable levels – measured in Relative Light Units (RLU). A measure of 10 or under is the gold standard which produces a probability of pathogenic biofilm of 0.1% (with a measure of zero, probability is 0.0001% whilst only 30 RLU is 2% and 100 RLU is 50%).

Brew master Joe says...

“The System28 Device is gonna cut our line cleaning in half or quarter it potentially and still maintain the same quality, cleanliness…and the beer tastes better”

Brew master Dannon says...

“This is probably the cleanest we’ve tasted them…as far as how well the hops are represented on the nose it just shines right through, how clear the beer is, how well the beer profile really is represented after the line clean here, just tastes untainted, crystal clear…I’m really happy with the product”

What the brew masters said 

"That worked wonders"

“That’s pretty darned good” 

"And the beer tastes better"

“This is...the cleanest we’ve tasted them in a long time” 

LineClenze, Why our environmental symbol is Koi

Why our environmental symbol is Koi 

Our powders eco-friendly, biodegradable, neutral pH (7-8) in solution formulation is safe for animal life including aquatic & marine life which we like to illustrate with the story about the landlord who threw EcoZenze powder into his fishpond, instead of their food.

He expected the worst in the morning but was amazed to see his prized koi happily swimming around with no harm done, just a little hungry.  

Environmentally friendly

Our new improved team to help Amanda achieve maximum impact.

  • Eugene Durkan
  • Keith Webb
  • Chris Mason
  • Rich Wilson
  • Amanda Daniels

LineClenze sustainability


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