LineClenze is a fresh, exciting, family-run business built on the experience, determination and business expertise of hard-working parents – and the environmental passion of a teenage daughter.

We pride ourselves on our ability to save you money. With a range of innovative products, we aim to provide cost savings and quality improvements for venues up and down the country.

What started 5 years ago as a micro business from the kitchen table is now a successful company with satisfied clients across the UK. Building on this success, we are now expanding into Europe and beyond. We and our customers are spreading the word that our simple, eco-friendly solutions to everyday cellar maintenance are a MUST for venues looking to cut costs, improve the quality of their products and increase profits.

WE HELP YOU CUT COSTS and improve quality.


Here at LineClenze we offer a variety of products that are beneficial to venues everywhere. Our most notable is the LineClenze Device. This is a simple yet effective system that keeps beer lines cleaner for longer, saving not only time and ullage but also staff costs.

LineClenze Powder is used to clean your beer lines and is very eco-friendly. In a world where businesses are keen to reduce their environmental footprint, the LineClenze Powder is an excellent tool to do so. The LineClenze Powder is a must have for beer line cleaning.

We are also proud to introduce two more new products to the LineClenze range. First, LineLight, a cellar light that helps to neutralise harmful bacteria present in cellars and secondly, LinePour, an affordable dispense monitoring system

offering the very best in terms of quality, reliability and value.

All our products complement each other. Each one can stand alone or, used together, they can provide an unrivalled range of unintrusive, eco-friendly solutions, all aimed at improving your efficiency, beverage quality, customer satisfaction and, most importantly, bottom line profits.

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Want to know more about the LineClenze device or one of our other products?


High-performance electronic smart box which keeps beer
lines cleaner for longer.  reducing cleans from 52 to around 13 per year.


Specially formulated  Eco-friendly beer line cleaner that uses active oxygen to clean safely - replaces caustic cleaners.


Flow and temperature sensor based dispense monitoring system, offering the very best in terms of quality, reliability and value.


Easy, Effective Decontamination
Kills 99.995% of Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi and Spores
100% biodegradable

Tel: 0800 170 1564

Email:  enquiries@lineclenze.com

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We provide a innovative range of products and services to the hospitality sector all aimed at helping to reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies and raise bottom line profitability.

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