LineClenze is a fresh, exciting, family-run business built on the experience, determination and business expertise of hard-working parents – and the environmental passion of a teenage daughter.

We pride ourselves on our ability to save you money. With a range of innovative products, we aim to provide cost savings and quality improvements for venues up and down the country.

What started 5 years ago as a micro business from the kitchen table is now a successful company with satisfied clients across the UK. Building on this success, we are now expanding into Europe and beyond. We and our customers are spreading the word that our simple, eco-friendly solutions to everyday cellar maintenance are a MUST for venues looking to cut costs, improve the quality of their products and increase profits.

WE HELP YOU CUT COSTS and improve quality.



We offer a variety of products that
benefit venues everywhere.

Our key drivers are to use technology to develop products that meet criteria:

It is a technological innovation
It has minimal effect on the environment
It will improve the businesses that use it

Here at LineClenze we are proud to offer a variety of products that are beneficial to venues everywhere.

Firstly is the EcoZenze System28 Device.

This is a simple yet effective system that keeps beer lines cleaner for longer, saving not only time and ullage but also staff costs. 

EcoZenze System28 powder is used to clean your beer lines and is very eco-friendly. In a world where businesses are keen to reduce their environmental footprint, EcoZenze powder is an excellent product to help you do that. With a neutral pH (7), EcoZenze System28 powder is a must have for beer line cleaning. 

EcoZenze System28 Device

High-performance electronic smart box which inhibits yeast growth and keeps beer lines cleaner for longer. Use with our beer line cleaning powder to extend cleaning cycles from 7 to 28 days. (That’s just 13 per year)

EcoZenze System28 beer line cleaning powder

Specially formulated, eco-friendly fusion technology uses active oxygen to clean beer lines safely removing all impurities, it’s like a deep clean every time you use it. It’s safer for customers, staff, you and of course the environment.

EcoZenze Protect

Fusion technology powder developed to protect beer lines that need to be dormant for an extended period. Ideal for 24 hours to 6 months and leaves lines clean and ready to use.

EcoZenze sanitisers

Electrolysed water and HOCL combine to make highly effective disinfectant sanitisers which kill 99.995% of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. Available for hand, air and surface cleaning.

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