EcoZenze protects our water


EcoZenze conserves our water

LineClenze is committed to developing and working with products that reduce impact on the environment compared to the alternatives. EcoZenze System28, our beer line cleaning system, reduces the frequency of cleaning required which reduces the associated waste that goes down the drain by 75%. Cleaning every 28 days instead of 7 also reduces the water used in cleaning, the electricity and saves a lot of time. 

Not only that, as a non-corrosive product its use removes 100% of caustic soda cleaner going down the drain. The powder fully dissolves in cold water and is pH neutral in solution.



EcoZenze saves water

It saves water in a number of ways. By extending beer line cleaning cycles - from 7 to 14 days with the powder and 7 to 28 days with System28 powder and device - you use 50% - 75% less water. There's less rinsing required with System28 powder and Protect too.

Our cleaning powder for wineries, Veritas, takes out processes in the cleaning procedure saving time but also saving a lot of water, which when you consider the weather in wine-producing regions, it's a massive boost to save this highly valuable resource. We also think the waste-water will be able to be used for irrigation.


Making a difference!

The company was developed from a family’s commitment to all things green. That doesn’t mean we are in any way airy fairy, in fact quite the opposite is the truth as our management team’s experience shows. We felt we could only make a difference, make a positive impact, by recognising that we all want and need to live our lives with some levels of consumption but if we can minimise the effect of that, then we have succeeded. To continue doing this in the years to come we must be sustainable, both as a profitable business as well as in the ways we work. 

We are not coy about what we want to achieve 

That gag was inevitable wasn’t it. 

We developed our koi carp environmentally friendly symbol after a real event. A landlord threw our EcoZenze powder into his fishpond instead of their food. He expected the worst in the morning. But was amazed to see his prized koi happily swimming around with no harm done, just a little hungry. 

We also enjoyed the fact that this sat well with our brand. Japanese art has shown koi in many ways and so sits well with the Zen in our name. It’s the natural cycle of things – you know it makes sense, EcoZenze. 

LineClenze, environmentally friendly products

Ecozenze still improving

We are constantly developing ways to lessen our impact in bringing these greener products to market and getting them to our customers.

We are working out how long after System28 is installed its beneficial effects – less waste down the drain, less use of water and power and so on – become neutral and then positive; these are not straight forward calculations. We also look to reduce the effect of our own products in terms of packaging for example. Our powder needs to remain in an airtight and waterproof container, we are looking into how we can re-use our packaging without the collection having a bigger negative effect or indeed if there is a better solution than the recyclable plastic we currently use. Amanda Daniels our Director of Green Innovation (and one of the key drivers behind the environmental stance of EcoZenze) has said “we want people to be able to enjoy life, go for a beer and so forth, without worrying about the environmental impact that’s having. If they know it’s a bit less, all the better. Let’s make it easy”.

LineClenze sustainability


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