LineClenze, Non-caustic cleaning technology for beer


Non-caustic cleaning technology for beer

We've known for some time that EcoZenze environmentally friendly powder out performs caustic when cleaning beer lines.  It seemed natural that it would work in breweries too and in our tests, it does.  It works at a lower percentage in the mix and cleans off all the organic material easily with little or no scrubbing required.  It save time, money and reduces risk.

And the beer tastes better too.

EcoZenze powder performs in the cleanliness tests

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is the universal energy found in all animal, plant, bacteria, yeast and mould cells the residues of which can harbour and grow bacteria. This is the stuff that a cleaner needs to eliminate to acceptable levels – measured in Relative Light Units (RLU). A measure of 10 or under is the gold standard which produces a probability of pathogenic biofilm of 0.1% (with a measure of zero, probability is 0.0001% whilst only 30 RLU is 2% and 100 RLU is 50%).

EcoZenze powder cleans up in a US brewery with a RLU of only 4

Breweries want their beer to taste just right. They spend time perfecting the balance of flavours and scents - how the hops are represented on the nose, everything they do is about making their beer taste consistently great. They need to be sure their cleaning products won't affect the flavour in any way and they need it to have fantastic cleaning properties too. Being safer and environmentally friendly is a real bonus. 

Watch our short videos to see and hear it direct from the brew masters Joe and Dannon:

"That worked wonders"

“That’s pretty darned good” 

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