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Man walks into a bar…

Actually, he walked into several, that’s our background you see, anywhere that sells draft beer – pubs, bars, hotels, clubs even arenas and casinos.

Beer lines have typically required cleaning every week which leads to a huge amount of wasted product – ullage, beer that has been bought and paid for literally poured down the drain – and water use; it takes time and, until now, has required use of caustic soda or other corrosive cleaner which is wholly unpleasant to use. Not only that the high alkali waste is also poured down the drain.


But it doesn’t have to be like that anymore.

EcoZenze System28 saves wherever draft beer is served

Everybody retailing draft beer can save money with EcoZenze System28 – pubs, hotels, mobile bars.  And can save whether it’s one bar or 1000, the savings occur in each premises.

The key to the money-saving is in extending beer line cleaning cycles which saves all the wasted costs associated with ullage, saves on utilities such as water and electricity and saves on dirty waste going down the drain.

System28 is a two-part system that cleans beer lines better and keeps them clean for longer.

LineClenze markets, beerline cleaning powder

Part 1 - Cleans your beer lines better

EcoZenze non-corrosive beer line cleaning powder provides a highly effective line clean - better than caustic soda and other alkaline cleaners - whilst being kinder to the environment. 
The powder is pH neutral in solution, free from sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite (bleach) used in traditional beer line cleaners and dissolves to a neutral pH. In use, it dissolves in cold water and completely removes caustic soda and high alkali waste entering the waste water management system. 
Its use alone extends cleaning cycles to 2 weeks from weekly.

LineClenze markets, hospitality beer line cleaning

Part 2 - Keeps beer lines clean for longer

This device inhibits yeast growth and build up in the beer lines 
by sending a pulsed, variable electromagnetic field through the lines which modify the surface of any particles to prevent 
them aggregating and adhering to the inside of the beer lines.
When used in conjunction with our powder, 
cleaning is not required again until at least 28 days later.  
Once fitted you needn't worry about it again, just leave it to do its work; and it's guaranteed for five years.

System28 literally pays for itself

Rent System28 and make your first payment out of your first month's saving.  
When you rent EcoZenze System28 - rent covers beer line cleaning powder and our yeast growth inhibiting device - you save enough in 28 days that your first rental AND the installation deposit are covered - see our *"typical" example. 

Buy System28 and return on investment is achieved in just over six months.

You can see the monthly savings by taking off the rental cost but use our savings calculator with your costs to get a better picture and then contact us to discuss your requirements.

Cost BreakdownTraditional
Cleaning powder / liquid£64£0
Cleaning time£80£20
Waste beer£384£96
EcoZenze System28 Rental£0£97
Overall per 28 days£544£217

*Our 28-day savings are based on a "typical" example of sales through a bar with 8 lines, 3 pints per line selling at £4 per pint. Cleaning material is based on caustic at £2 per line, per clean and cleaning time at £10 per hour. The installation deposit is £291.

Savings Calculator

Work out how much you could save with our savings calculator.

Simply put your own figures in the three boxes with the red asterisk to work out how much you can save in a year when you reduce your cleaning cycle to 28 days from 7.  And that's just saving on waste beer - time and utilities add even more saving, not to mention the environment.

"The idea is simple and effective, saving a substantial amount of time and revenue...way more than the initial investment.  Not only do I save pouring good beer down the drain but my staff are freed up for other tasks by not having to clean every week.  I am very impressed with what LineClenze has achieved and would recommend the device to anyone in the industry".

Paul McManus, Director, McManus Managed Pub Co Limited

Don’t just take our word for it, watch our short videos from a couple of brew masters

"And the beer tastes better"

“This is...the cleanest we’ve tasted them in a long time” 

EcoZenze Protect – protects lines when they’re not being used

Lockdown presented many challenges, not least was what to do with lines that were going to be left unused for weeks…months even. We created EcoZenze Protect which keeps lines clean and protects them from 24 hours all the way to 180 days – about 6 months. When it’s time to open them up again a quick rinse is all that is required, those lines will be clean and importantly, undamaged from the pitting that caustic soda can create.

EcoZenze Protect is especially useful for environments like sports or social clubs that only open, say, Thursday to Sunday, guest ales' lines and premises with seasonality such as leisure parks.

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