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In vino veritas - in wine, there is truth

Trials with California winemakers have delivered fantastic results.

Following a consultation process to fully understand the cleaning issues and organic materials that need to be dealt with our chemists adapted our powder to suit those specific requirements.


It's time for wineries to drop the caustic...and that's the truth.

Our US associates took this EcoZenze powder through a proof-of-concept process with California winemakers - the results were very impressive.

The first tests were on the white wine presses which were highly successful and required no changes to the technology in the powder. The results were:

  • Highly effective cleaning
  • Removed the need for two processes which:
    • Saved c. 600 gallons of water
    • Saved c. 4 hours
  • Produced pH7 ‘waste’ water that, hopefully, can be recycled for irrigation – see below

And, of course, removed the need for use of any caustic cleaners and the associated disposal.

Red wine presses also produced very successful tests despite being significantly more challenging. The cleaning was still highly successful although there was a little residue that required an additional rinse.

We’re here to reduce water use so won’t leave it like that and are working closely with the US to make minor adjustments and re-test. Results will be posted soon.

EcoZenze powder for wineries

Wine into water

The importance of the water-saving aspects cannot be emphasised enough. California, like many wine-producing areas, must be very careful about water management and how it looks after this scarce resource. After cleaning, the non-corrosive powder leaves oxygen, water and a little salt, and we are working with them to fully understand if this waste will meet California state laws (due to come in the next year or two) around only returning pH neutral water to the ground so it can be recycled for irrigation.

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