Cider lines – Are they as important to clean?

Yes. In short, cleaning your cider lines is just as important if not more so than normal beer lines! Although people may insist otherwise there are in fact several factors and reasons as to why this practice is necessary!

For example, it is believed that strong ciders (above 5%) are so acidic that it is not necessary to clean these lines as often as others.

This is simply not true, neglecting to clean cider lines has the same effect as not cleaning beer lines. The crisp taste of cider will decline as well as risk of the lines being contaminated with yeast.

The Morning Advertiser recently published an article addressing this issue entitled, “Bad beer and cider hygiene must improve.”

So, with that in hand as well as the guidelines set out for cleaning generally in the UK industry you can see that cleaning cider lines is just as essential as normal beer lines!

Of course, at LineClenze we can help! With our LineClenze device you can drastically reduce the amount of yeast build up in both cider and beer lines as well as improving the taste of beer and cider which would otherwise decline if not cleaned.

Looking for more information on how to clean your lines or want to save money at your venue? Make sure to contact us today! You can do so either on social media, or through our website. Email and phone numbers can be found at the top of this page.

Have you experienced bad practice in cleaning cider lines? Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

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