Daily Mirror article reveals “One in three pints’ served in pubs are dirty because landlords aren’t

This was the headline of a story written and published by the Daily Mirror last Friday 7th April as a result of a survey the paper conducted which found that as many as one-third of pub landlords are neglecting to clean their pump lines regularly, resulting in excess yeast and bacteria build up and, in some cases, negatively affecting the taste of their beer.

Vianet product manager, Mark Fewster, told the Daily Mirror, “Unless operators have a system or solution that is proven to allow them to extend the cleaning cycle, then there’s no excuse as it should be a weekly activity.”

Here at LineClenze we pride ourselves on offering an environmentally and eco-friendly product that greatly reduces the amount of times that lines need to be cleaned. Our LineClenze device is completely non-intrusive and easy to install, and works by generating an electrical impulse which agitates the yeast gather-up in the pump lines, drastically reducing the frequency of cleans needed.

This has a great number of benefits both for the pub and for the customer. By reducing the amount of times that lines need to be cleaned, we can help venues save money by cutting down on tedious line cleaning duties as well as increase the taste and quality of the beer.

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