‘Electronic nose’ sniffs out bad flavors in beer

A low-cost “electronic-nose,” or “e-nose,” uses machine learning to quickly assess beer quality based on its aroma, researchers report.

The device is portable, allowing brewers to use it for rapid and reliable quality assessment on the production line.

It also has the potential to be used to assess other food and beverages at all stages of production and has already been tested to detect smoke taint in wine.

“The e-nose helps take a good deal of subjectivity out of things.”

The development of off-aromas or off-flavors in beers can occur particularly in breweries that don’t use pasteurization.

The partial sterilization that comes through pasteurization isn’t necessary to guarantee the safety of beer as it is a fermented product, and the process can modify aromas. But on the plus side pasteurization can reduce the risk of aroma and flavors going “off.”

Here at LineClenze we're hoping a consumer device based on this technology could be used to check the quality of pints from the pump.

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