Guinness unveils new non-alcoholic product

Attempting dry January? Still feel the urge to enjoy a cold pint? Good news! Guinness have recently unveiled their latest product, a brand new, non-alcoholic lager.

Open Gate Pure Brew is a full flavoured, non-alcoholic lager and something which Guinness are hoping will be a game changer in the industry. Historically, non-alcoholic beverages that have tried to imitate the real thing have come off as tasteless, dull and not a great comparison to the boozy drinks we all know and love.

It’s easy to throw the non-alcoholic beverage off as a bit of a novelty but the market for this type of beverage is larger than perhaps some people realise. In late 2017, Tesco launched a low-alcohol wine range, something which fellow retailer Aldi have been tapping into for a while, adding four more low ABV wines to their own range in August.

Guinness introduced its first non-alcoholic beer, Guinness Zero in 2014 to try to tap into the sober drinking market.

Available in 330ml bottles, Open Gate Pure Brew will be initially rolled out to 250 pubs in Dublin in this month before being distributed throughout the rest of the nation in March.

“From the start, we were determined to brew a non-alcoholic beer with the same process we’ve perfected over the last 259 years. It has taken two years of experimentation, but we’ve come up with a way to fully brew beer using a special yeast strain that only produces a very limited amount of alcohol.” – John Casey, Guinness Lead Brewer.

So, will any of you be trying this new non-alcohol product? Have you tried this kind of beverage before? What were your thoughts? We’d love to hear from you!

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