New device to reduce pint wastage!

Being advocates for helping to reduce waste in the industry ourselves, we thought it necessary to cover this one. A Bristol based inventor has created a device that aims to reduce the number of wasted pints in the UK.

AleTrim, is simple in premise but the potential savings are huge to say the least. The device can be attached to a beer tap to control the amount of frothing and estimates to reduce an approximate of nine million pints of beer in the UK alone each year.

On their website (link at the bottom of the page) perspective clients can see the additional amount of profit that they would attain through use of the device. Similarly, to our own savings calculator this is done by inputting the average price of a pint, the number of taps and the amount of drip trays poured away each day.

On their website AleTrim states, “You should retain at least 80% of the pouring waste, which is an extra monthly income of £150 (if serving 300 pints a week at 3% wastage). That translates to £1,800 per year.

For more information on this interesting device, be sure to visit their website (

Have you tried AleTrim? What are your thoughts on the device, either from personal use or as a premise? Be sure to get in touch with us here at LineClenze, either via the contact details at the top of this page or on our social media (@lineclenzeinfo.)

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