The Return of lineclenze

It's been a long time coming right? But we're thrilled to announce that we're back, bigger and better than ever with even more ways to support you as you get back into business in a post-pandemic industry.

Whilst we and the rest of the world have been locked away dealing with the uncertain times the pandemic has brought with it, we have been working around the clock to revitalise our image and product range in order to provide even more exciting and easy ways for you to save money, improve quality and protect the planet.

We have multiple exciting announcements on the horizon but for now, we wanted to mention just some of the changes we've made that we believe can benefit all of you.

LineClenze Rebranded

Firstly, we have officially rebranded our products to EcoZenze. Whilst still falling under the LineClenze business name, our EcoZenze products aim to reduce environmental impact whilst simultaneously saving money and reducing wastage just like you're used to expecting from us.

LineClenze Director Eugene Durkan said: "I'm really pleased with our new EcoZenze brand, it's a culmination of a lot of effort and a goal to provide a positive, eco-friendly impact on the environment whilst still offering the same savings and values that we have built the business on."

We're also very pleased to announce that we've branched out into international markets. We're starting to see success selling our products in the American market and have also been putting in a lot of time and research paving in-roads in some European countries as well as New Zealand and Australia with the potential results from this being very exciting.

Eugene continued, "The fact we've seen success not only in the UK but across the world as well has shown us that LineClenze International is indeed a force to be reckoned with. I truly cannot wait to see where these new paths will take us overseas and am excited to share more information with you as we make progress."

So that's just a brief overview of some of the news we will be announcing in the coming weeks. Be sure to check back regularly for more news updates.

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