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EcoZenze powder

Environmental technology is at the heart of what we do

Environmentally friendly beer line cleaning powder that out-performs caustic and saves money. Our products embrace different technologies to produce outcomes that are environmentally friendly AND highly effective. As it happens, they tend to save users money too. 

EcoZenze beer line cleaning powder

Introducing EcoZenze powder into your line cleaning regime is on its own a massive move in the right direction for many reasons and can help you save in many ways.

EcoZenze beer line cleaning powder is an environmentally friendly product (unlike the traditional caustic soda) that provides a highly effective line clean – much better than caustic. Its use alone extends cleaning cycles to 2 weeks from weekly.

It’s ideal for any business that serves beer through a pump – pubs, hotels, mobile bars and so on. Single unit, owner-managed businesses or enterprise as it:

  • Cleans lines better than caustic
  • Retains the full flavour of the beer from keg to glass
  • Saves money by extending line cleans from weekly to 2-weekly which:
    • Saves wasted beer (ullage) by 50%
    • Saves time required to clean lines by 50%
    • Saves utilities (water & energy) on weekly cleans by 50%
  • It requires no new additional equipment or staff training

EcoZenze beer line cleaning powder

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EcoZenze powder has environmental benefits

All ingredients are recognised as environmentally friendly and are no danger to animal, including marine or aquatic, life

  • When in solution its pH7 (neutral)
  • It removes 100% of caustic (pH14) waste going down the drain
  • Waste produced that does go down the drain is pH7 (not pH14) and there is 50% less
  • The 2-weekly clean saves 50% of water & energy used

EcoZenze powder has environmental benefits
benefits to using EcoZenze powder

Other benefits to using EcoZenze powder

  • It is safer for customers as it causes no damage if swallowed
  • It is safer for staff to handle
  • It can be flushed after 20 minutes or safely left overnight

How to buy EcoZenze powder

We do sell it in single tubs especially when customers want to try some out for the first time. Ongoing we tend to send out six-packs which is efficient postage and time-wise and is ideal for the product shelf-life 

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