EcoZenze System28, environmental technology

EcoZenze System28

Environmental technology is at the heart of what we do

Our products embrace different technologies to produce outcomes that are gentler on the environment AND highly effective. As it happens, they tend to save users money too.

Ecozenze System28 is a two-part system to clean beer lines and keep them clean for longer

It’s ideal for any business that serves beer through a pump – pubs, hotels, mobile bars and so on. Single unit, owner-managed businesses or enterprise.

About System28

EcoZenze non-corrosive beer line cleaning powder provides a highly effective line clean - better than caustic soda and other alkaline cleaners - whilst being kinder to the environment. The powder is pH neutral in solution, free from sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite (bleach) used in traditional beer line cleaners and dissolves to a neutral pH. In use, it dissolves in cold water and completely removes caustic soda and high alkali waste entering the waste water management system. Its use alone extends cleaning cycles to 2 weeks from weekly.

About System28

This device inhibits yeast growth and build up in the beer lines by sending a pulsed, variable electromagnetic field through the lines which modify the surface of any particles to prevent them aggregating and adhering to the inside of the beer lines.When used in conjunction with our powder, cleaning is not required again until at least 28 days later.  Once fitted you needn't worry about it again, just leave it to do its work; and it's guaranteed for five years.

System28 literally pays for itself

Rent System28 and make your first payment out of your first month's saving.  
When you rent EcoZenze System28 - rent covers beer line cleaning powder and our yeast growth inhibiting device - you save enough in 28 days that your first rental AND the installation deposit are covered - see our *"typical" example. 

Buy System28 and return on investment is achieved in just over six months.

You can see the monthly savings by taking off the rental cost but use our savings calculator with your costs to get a better picture and then contact us to discuss your requirements.

Cost BreakdownTraditional
Cleaning powder / liquid£64£0
Cleaning time£80£20
Waste beer£384£96
EcoZenze System28 Rental£0£97
Overall per 28 days£544£217

*Our 28-day savings are based on a "typical" example of sales through a bar with 8 lines, 3 pints per line selling at £4 per pint. Cleaning material is based on caustic at £2 per line, per clean and cleaning time at £10 per hour. The installation deposit is £291.

Savings Calculator

Work out how much you could save with our savings calculator.

Simply put your own figures in the three boxes with the red asterisk to work out how much you can save in a year when you reduce your cleaning cycle to 28 days from 7.  And that's just saving on waste beer - time and utilities add even more saving, not to mention the environment.


Environmental Benefits

  • All powder ingredients are recognised as being not harmful to the environment and are no danger in solution to animal, including marine or aquatic, life

  • When in solution the powder is pH neutral

  • The powder dissolves fully in cold water and biodegrades after use

  • It's non-corrosive and removes 100% of caustic soda waste going down the drain

  • Waste produced that does go down the drain is pH neutral and there is 75% less of it

  • The 4-weekly clean saves 75% of water & energy used although a little energy is used to run the device

  • It causes less wear to beer lines meaning they need to be replaced less often

Other benefits to using EcoZenze System28

It can be flushed after 20 minutes or safely left overnight

It is safer for customers 

It is non-corrosive and safer for staff to handle

The 500g pot is just the right amount for the 50l water tank so no measuring out is required

How to buy EcoZenze System28

  • It can be purchased outright. RoI could be as little as 6 months.
  • It can be rented on a monthly basis, for a minimum contract of six months. This covers both the hardware (our device) and consumables (our powder). This option will often see the first payment coming out of the first month’s savings. There is a deposit which covers installation of £291.
  • Powder is provided in boxes of 6 to ensure shelf-life quality.

Please get in touch and we can review your needs with you and go through the options in much more detail.