Non-caustic advanced cleaning for wineries

EcoZenze Veritas

Non-corrosive advanced cleaning for wineries

Our environmental aims can be closely aligned with the needs of wineries to use less water and reduce the amount of caustic soda and other high alkaline cleaner waste that requires processing.  EcoZenze Veritas cleaning powder for wineries is highly effective and much gentler on the planet.

EcoZenze Veritas provides advanced cleaning for wineries

In vino veritas, in wine, there is truth. And the truth is, it's time for wineries to stop their reliance on caustic cleaners as there is an alternative and not only that, there is no better cleaner for wineries.  

EcoZenze Veritas has been trialled in California against both white and red wine residues and has been found to clean superbly. And with each clean it saves time through removing some processes from the clean such as some of the rinsing which saves water - at least 600 gallons per clean. Furthermore the pH neutral (in solution) nature of EcoZenze Veritas means that waste water is much easier to recycle. 

Highly effective cleaning, EcoZenze Veritas

EcoZenze Veritas

  • Highly effective cleaning
  • Saves water c. 600 gallons in our trials
  • Saves c. 4 hours in our trials
  • Biodegradable and saves in cleaning up dirty waste water
  • Produces recyclable pH neutral ‘waste’ water that, hopefully, can be recycled for irrigation
  • Removes 100% caustic soda cleaner from the process