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System28 is a unique development in beer line cleaning


System28 is a unique development in beer line cleaning. Firstly, it is the most effective beer line cleaning system available, secondly, it saves up to two thirds on the cost of beer line cleaning by extending the cleaning cycle to 28 days from 7.


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  • The most effective beer line cleaning system available

  • Saves money from the first week

  • Ensures beer is served at its optimum

  • Pay monthly, from what you’ve saved

  • Reduces wasted beer

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Saves time used in cleaning

  • Saves on utilities such as water and gas

  • Safe for customers if accidentally consumed

  • Safe for staff when handling for cleaning


The two elements of ECOZENZE

EcoZenze System28 beer line cleaning powder has a unique neutral pH (7) formulation – this is our “secret recipe”. Although it is all about what’s in it, that’s how we keep it environmentally friendly, the way our chemists bond it and bind it and so on is what makes it so effective. The cleaning powder is used in exactly the same way as traditional powders so that no additional equipment or training is required. You can also leave it in overnight without causing any problems.

The EcoZenze System28 electronic device inhibits yeast growth and reduces the build-up of yeast inside your beer lines. It works by generating an oscillating electrical impulse 500 times per second, this is what stops the yeast growing and settling. One end of a thin wire antenna is wrapped around approximately 20cm of the draft beverage line between the keg coupler and cellar buoy, the other end is attached to the device. We provide 12 or 24-line devices.

See the savings

The table illustrates typical savings that can be made. But we’re much more interested in showing what you can save so we have developed a handy ready reckoner so you can see how you can save money.


How to get ECOZENZE
System28 into your cellar

We find most people prefer to pay monthly for System28 especially as your first payment comes from money saved in the previous month.


System28 can also be bought outright. Lease and outright purchase prices are shown below*


 *We base it on a five year lease and consumables model. At the end of the lease period the box remains the property of LineClenze International Ltd, owner of the EcoZenze brand. Availability of the lease is subject to credit status by our lender.

Powder is supplied in six month batches, it has a 12 month shelf-life, and will be automatically sent out to you in advance of you needing it based on 28 day cleaning.

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